Certificate III in Driving Operations


This is a qualification for those engaged in driving operation job roles within the Transport and Logistics Industry.

It involves a defined range of skilled operations, usually within a range of broader related activities involving known routines, methods and procedures, with some discretion and judgement in selecting equipment, services or contingency measures and within known time constraints.

Job roles:
Job roles and titles vary across different sectors. Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include:

  • Agitator Driver
  • Bus Driver
  • Line Haul Driver
  • Local Heavy General Freight Driver
  • Pilot Vehicle Driver
  • Tip Truck Driver.

Successful achievement of the licensing units within the qualification mustalign with licensing and regulatory requirements applicable to driving and state/territory regulatory requirements.

Pathways from the qualification:

Certificate IV Diplomas
Certificate IV in Driving Operations

Certificate IV in Logistics

Certificate IV in Transport Scheduling

Certificate IV in Traffic Operations
Diploma in Logistics

Continue Your Pathway

Course structure

26 units must be completed:

A total of 18 units of competency comprising:
6 core units listed
Plus all the specialist electives from one of the following groups:

  • Group A: Heavy General Freight
  • Group B: Agitator
  • Group C: Bus
  • Group D: Refrigerated
  • Group E: Pilot Vehicle
  • Group F: Dry/Liquid
  • Group G: Car Carrier
  • Group H: Livestock
  • Group I: Wood Products
  • Group K: Dangerous Goods
  • Group L: Over Dimensional
  • Group M: Tip Truck

Elective packaging rules

  • 1 licensing/industry elective unit relevant to the vehicle type applicable to the job role from the licensing/industry elective units
  • All units within one of the specialist elective groups (job roles) from Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E, Group F, Group G, Group H, Group I, Group K, Group L, or Group M plus
  • 4 general elective units from the general elective units if selecting Group B, Group K (depending on job role), Group M or
  • 5 general elective units from the general elective units if selecting Group K (depending on job role), Group L, or
  • 6 general elective units from the general elective units if selecting Group A, Group C, Group D, Group E, Group F, Group G, Group H or Group I.
  • Up to 3 of the general elective units may be selected from any relevant nationally endorsed Training Package or accredited course. The units must contribute to the vocational outcomes of the qualification.

Elective units can only be counted once towards the qualification packaging rules i.e. if a unit is listed in both a specialist elective group andthe general elective group, it can only be counted as one of the elected units required.

Where imported units are selected, care must be taken to ensure that all prerequisite units specified are complied with.

Sample Training Plan:
Below is a sample unit list for the Livestock specialty.

Core Units

  • TLID1001 Shift materials safely using manual handling methods
  • TLIE1005 Carry out basic workplace calculations
  • TLIF1001 Follow work health and safety procedures
  • TLIF2010 Apply fatigue management strategies
  • TLIH2001 Interpret road maps and navigate pre-determined routes
  • TLIL1001 Complete workplace orientation/induction procedures

Licencing Industry Elective

  • TLIC4006 Drive multi-combination vehicle

Specialist Elective Units

  • TLID0001 Load and unload vehicles carrying special loads
  • TLID0002 Care for livestock in transit
  • TLIE0002 Process workplace documentation
  • TLIE3002 Estimate/calculate mass, area and quantify dimensions
  • TLIF0001 Apply chain of responsibility legislation, regulations and workplace procedures

General Elective Units
Include but are not limited to:

  • TLIF0005 Apply a fatigue risk management system
  • TLIF0002 Administer chain of responsibility policies and procedures
  • TLIE3028 Complete a work diary in the road transport industry
  • TLIG1001 Work effectively with others
  • TLIE3004 Prepare workplace documents
  • TLIB2008 Carry out inspections of trailers

Course Code:

Certificate III

Delivery mode:

Course Fees:
Price on application. This course may be subsidised under NSW Smart and Skilled.