"I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Joblink Plus. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free!" - Canada .

Looking for staff?

Check our Traineeships and Apprenticeships page to read about the benefits of hiring a trainee or apprentice for your business.

With the assistance of our employment services offices, we can provide end-to-end recruitment for your next trainee or apprentice including ongoing support post-employment.

Do you have multiple roles you're seeking to fill?

Australian Training Plus specialises in pre-traineeship and pre-employment training programs for a variety of industries. We work with employers to identify:

We then work with you to develop a program that addresses your specific needs.

Key Program Aspects

Industry awareness - opportunity for learners to get to know your industry to make sure they see themselves as a right fit and an opportunity for you to trial potential employees with no commitment to hire
Physical aspects - we address things such as Manual Handling, importance of sleep and diet, physical requirements of the role as part of the program
Knowledge of the workplace and employer - opportunity for learners to engage with managers and other staff, complete interviews and workplace experience

Looking to upskill your existing staff?

You can create your own course which is tailored to address specific business issues, areas for improvement, enhance knowledge of industry best practice strategies, or simply to suit the needs or wants of your employees.

The possibilities are endless, here's how it works:

We've worked with many employers to meet their training and skills requirements for their staff. Get in touch or view our Short Course options to start building your tailored course.

Work Placement

Australian Training Plus encourages all learners to actively pursue a work place experience as part of their training. Work Placement is voluntary and unpaid, designed to provide you with access to labour and provide valuable skills, experience and knowledge for the student. Some qualifications have a mandatory work placement requirement and we rely on generous employers to give their time, knowledge and skill to improving training outcomes for vocational training.

Providing work placement to a student has many benefits to your business. You have access to labour which can help you achieve results and complete tasks whilst providing valuable training and experience for the trainee. Work placement is a great way to trial a new employee at no financial cost to you or your business.

How does it work?

Students are encouraged to arrange their own work placements but may be assisted by their Trainer or by other Joblink Plus staff if the student is also a registered job seeker. They will contact employers like yourself to discuss work placement options.

If you agree to taking on a student for work placement, we will provide any assistance or equipment the learner need to work in your business including:

We also fully insure our students undertaking work placement. Copies of Certificates of Currency can be provided on request.

During the work placement, we will ask you to complete some documentation in support of the student's training. This may include supervisor or third party reports, and work placement log books. A Trainer may also come into your workplace at agreed times to observe the student working and will be available to assist you with any questions you have about the process.

After the work placement

The best outcome from work placement is an offer of employment. If you're impressed with the students' performance while working for you, and it fits your business, why not offer them an ongoing role?

If the student is also a registered job seeker with Joblink Plus we will provide ongoing support post-employment for the first few months to make sure it's a fit.

Contact us to talk about student work placement options.